LFR's Modified BMW's with a lot of HP

Modified BMW’s mark Monster Monday at Leadfoot Racing!

By Leadfoot Racing

April 2, 2019

It’s Monster Monday! There is a fair bit of horsepower sat here at Leadfoot Racing today in these BMW’s we have been working on. They are all now running an n54 powered setup. Yet still not running as many turbos as they should have! ????

Here’s today’s car park:

  • 335i with twin hybrids and port meth
  • 135i single turbo with pi
  • 335i single turbo with pi on a built engine

modified BMWs


Warrans comments from his BMW running with an N54 setup from Leadfoot Racing, “If your looking to run some high hp and reliability on your N54. Look no further…. I have been running this kit for 9 months now without any problems. We made 644hp at 26psi of boost still on stock 02 sensors which seem to be a massive problem burning them out on top mounts. I will be dynoing the car later this year with a different fueling setup. So, all in all, I am very happy with the finished product and do not hesitate to contact them and have a chat. You will not be disappointed.”


Not familiar with Leadfoot Racing? They undertake all manor of projects but specialise in fabrication, including manifolds, exhausts and rust restoration.


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